Marketing Campaign

Ever since digital marketing came into existence, businesses of all sizes take on to the digital strategies to grow brand awareness, have brand loyalty, increase ROI and create impact.

While more and more and more businesses are using content marketing as the most important part of their digital strategy to get organic visibility, traffic and revenue. However, you need more than just great content to hit that objective. You need to have strategies that ensure they get the right message at the right time and in the right platform. Don’t worry, all you need are the right tools and tactics that will propel your marketing into conversion rich trajectory. However, if you aren’t sure where to start then hiring professional SEO services in Melbourne would be a good idea.

Here are the top 3 content marketing strategies that will boost your conversion rate.

Find gaps in your niche

If you think you came up with a great and unique content idea, chances are that someone else would also have done that. However, that doesn’t mean that should not strive for originality. In most businesses, there are content gaps where supply and demand don’t align. You need to research your keywords and generate variations.

Once the keyword research has been done, you need to remember 3 things. First, search volume, the average monthly search volume is the direct measure of a keyword’s popularity. However, you always don’t have to go for keywords with thousands of searches. Second, low medium competition keywords, when you target low competition keywords chances are higher conversions. Third, long-tail keywords, these keywords target narrower audience and pertain to a more specific topic meaning you can target the specific group of people which will help boost the conversions.

Find keywords intent

Keyword intent represents the user’s purpose for the search. It is what the user is likely to do when searching for a particular phrase. The intent helps you meet the users need better and match your content and landing pages to their intentions. There are 4 types of keyword intent namely, navigational, informational, investigational and transactional. However, your content strategy should include a line-up of keyword ideas that signal transactional or commercial intent. Keywords such as buy, for sale, coupon, discount, shipping and so on are used by the searchers who are ready to take action, be it by subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase. These keywords might not be popular, but instilled with transactional intent, they can probably convert better.

Pack value above the fold

If you think that the visitors to your website will spend 15 minutes reading your content, think again. In this digital age, people want quick and straight to the point solutions to their problems. The better approach to it is to utilise visual content to make valuable information more visible and presentable. For example, infographic makes in-depth data easy to understand with visualisations. You should also highlight the value of your content with bullets or numbers. This will provide the audience with a peek at the key points of the post, which should compel them to dig deeper if they are relevant.

The above-mentioned are the content marketing campaign tactics to help boost the conversion rate.